You Want to Build It WHERE!?!? Choosing The Location of Zipper Junction


zipper junction location lake wallenpaupackMany times has the choice of location of ZIPPER JUNCTION™ been brought to the forefront of discussion. Some of the experienced big business folks thought it should go in a more populated area with the reasoning that the scale dictates such a location.  Some folks thought it should be centrally located along the east coast, with access more evenly divided among different states.  Others thought more central in the entire country!  Then there was my initial idea, to put it in the North East corner of Pennsylvania, right near the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack or reasonably close to it.  My reasoning – and further consensus that was created – did indeed define this as a great spot.

I am sure you have heard the real estate quote “The only three things that matter are location, location, and location.”  Generally speaking I tend to agree with the sentiment, but not always.  If someone is putting up a sidewalk newsstand I would suggest a place where there is a lot of foot traffic to buy the newspapers and magazines, a country road in a rural area may not be the best choice.  If they were building a high rise apartment building it would be prudent to make sure the population density is high enough in the immediate area to warrant the construction, as well as make sure the need exists for more housing units.  But what if building a factory was in the running? Say a zipper factory for the fun of it. Is the location really the most critical variable? How about something bigger, say an amusement park that will likely become a destination for people from far and wide; Walt Disney did not seem to think it a bad idea to buy tens of thousands of acres of orange orchards in the middle of nowhere after all, and we all know how that turned out.

What began as a project to benefit a local population centered around a school district grew into a two county-wide population base when other school districts were considered.  Wayne and Pike counties then became the main focus for logical reasons, mainly that Lake Wallenpaupack is divided between both.  Even with the added number of folks in these two counties, building a place of such scale only became clearly apparent when you factor in just how many people live within a three to four hour drive, something totally feasible with the type of destination we had in mind to build.  55 Million people live in a 200 mile radius to the proposed location of ZIPPER JUNCTION™!  There are major roadways close by with only minutes of travel from Interstate highways.  Space is relatively inexpensive and the idea of such a large place in a single location could conceivably leave almost all surrounding areas untouched to preserve the natural beauty of the entire area.  Local utilities like waste water treatment systems could see a spike in revenue from a facility like this.  The local economy would get a double injection – first from the project being built, and then for the long term from constant increases of visitors to an already tourist driven area.

Change is good, it is also inevitable.  Surely some of the local folks will not want to see this place built as the worry of spoiling the area or the serenity, and to some degree I agree.  But let’s think back to when PP&L decided to dam up Wallenpaupack Creek. They displaced an entire town, moved cemeteries, built a HUGE ugly concrete dam, and then ran a multi-mile long giant pipe through the woods to a power plant – all in 1927!  All this horrible change has turned into the greatest asset this area has: beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack, to which most of the homes, businesses, and activity center around throughout the entire year.

So yes, location, location, location is important, but when it is time to drive a stake in the ground, commit to a project, consider everyone in the process, and give great care to what is to be accomplished, I think the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania is a perfect spot to begin to change the world for the better.

And remember, if you build it, they really will come!