Here at The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, we are a bunch of doers. 

Put simply, we like to get things done rather than just talking about it. 

Action creates results. And the result we are going after is supporting people in finding their passions and purpose so that they can pursue a career that they enjoy!!!! (Imagine that?!)

Some people learn by reading, some by seeing, some by writing, and others by DOING.

What we’re creating is a space for people to learn through DOING.

Lots of people study for years to go into a career path that they end up not enjoying. 

We believe that when we give people an opportunity to use their hands that they’ll open up the pathways to really finding what FEELS good for them!

That’s why ZIPPER JUNCTION™ will be creating spaces for experiential learning so that people can get their hands on what they are doing and they will have the opportunity to find what works best for them – what feels right.