We’re currently in the midst of addressing some questions that had come up on one of our social media channels. The conversation went like this…

“I have seen this before, it is a nice thing but…….a few things that jump out are:

1 – Does that area have the tourism numbers to cover the expenses as the taxes will be massive? (Click here to read my response to this question)

2 – Finding property that could support that kind of massive development(may be difficult). (Click here to read my response to this question)

3 – Fighting off protest as you know groups will say it will harm the environment. (Today, I’ll address this one)

4 – Funding as per the layout in video, that thing is going to cost hundreds of millions to construct.”

Today, I’m diving into the third question that came up in this conversation. To read the first installation, click here, the second installation, you can find here.

“Fighting off protest as you know groups will say it will harm the environment.”

A very valid concern, one we take very seriously as well. It is also one we cannot fully address until official filings, approvals, etc. take place. 

The assumption is correct, we can’t make everyone happy. 

What we have done in preparation for such concerns, and what has been our intention from Day One, is to minimize the impact of such development on the environment. 

9006.00 - dreamstimemaximum_30759131Working with renewable energy (modeled after Pocono Raceway which is totally off grid), living machine (zero impact municipal waste), geothermal, zero solid waste models, etc. we feel there are substantial positives for this institution to be a model for the future in terms of mitigation and even elimination of such concerns.

As far as the immediate impact on the land to be disturbed, that is real and cannot be avoided. However, when a broader perspective is considered, the haphazard and sprawl type development that has taken place over the last few decades in the region, as well as the potential for much more of it to happen in commercial corridors created by municipalities long ago to draw business, it is a real concern to us. 

The long term goal is to stabilize the areas zoned commercial and give municipalities aid to make better long range planning decisions, which will help preserve more of our region than the current zoning. This topic ties directly into the taxes issue as well (Click here to read about that).

 I’ll be back in just a few days with the final installation of this exploration. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts and feedback!