Last week I reached out to address some questions that had come up on one of our social media channels. The conversation went like this…

“I have seen this before, it is a nice thing but…….a few things that jump out are:

1 – Does that area have the tourism numbers to cover the expenses as the taxes will be massive? (Click here to read my response to this question)

2 – Finding property that could support that kind of massive development(may be difficult). (Today, I’ll address this one)

3 – Fighting off protest as you know groups will say it will harm the environment.

4 – Funding as per the layout in video, that thing is going to cost hundreds of millions to construct.”

Today, I’ll dive into the second question that came up in this conversation. To read the first installation, click here. 

“Finding property that could support that kind of massive development. (may be difficult)”

Three sites within the region have been scrutinized extensively. 

1146.00 - lake-wallenpaupack-263x300 (1)Due diligence was performed well in advance of this coming into the public sphere. Much of the work was done while protecting those wishing to be protected as well, since we do not own any of the sites as of yet. 

No site was considered if it could not reasonably meet a long list of requirements. In addition to these questions, things like roadway capacities, electrical grid capacities, municipal waste options, impact on local municipalities, and on and on were studied. 

All parcels are a minimum of 300 acres and located where the least amount of direct contact with other development exists.

I’ll be in touch later this week to continue this conversation.