Past, Present and FUTURE


It has been a little while since you heard from me. The lapse was not a mistake, a problem, or unplanned. I mentioned last time that when you heard from me again, things would begin to happen, finally!

As we enter a new phase of The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, one that has two distinct and simultaneous paths, it is a great time to review the Past, the Present, and the Future.

First the two paths.

Everyone knows at this point our ultimate goal is a huge place with amazing things going on within it, that outside-in town called ZIPPER JUNCTION™. That is going to take a lot of resources, time, and effort to build and operate. The first path is dedicated to putting together the team that will make that happen, plan the execution, and do it! That will be a looooong process. But, we will do it, and we will not waiver.

The second path is one we will travel to create and accomplish immediate and positive impact for as many folks as we can. Partnerships, programs, initiatives, and events, all similar to the long run activities within ZIPPER JUNCTION™, will be put together and will happen in the near term. We want to make things better now, help find those passions, now, and help leverage those passions to make self-reliant citizens, now. Of course, all those activities will always focus the vision and attention on the main goal – getting ZIPPER JUNCTION™ built and operable.

So what is with the Past, Present, and Future thing?

As the graphic states, we can keep the best parts and use lessons learned from the PAST. We should certainly live to the fullest in the PRESENT. Finally, YOU and I need to put the effort to make a better FUTURE!

We had an organizational meeting a couple weeks back with some really great folks! These additional volunteers will begin the EFFORT part (as the arrows in the graphic indicate) to get The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ rolling.

Keep a keen eye for the next email – good stuff is simmering. We will need you to finish cooking it all up for everyone to enjoy (and benefit from)!