Do you remember shop class or home economics? Do you know that these kinds of skills are not taught in most schools nowadays? My high school, built pre-World War II, had at one time a woodshop, full machine shop, electrical shop, ceramics shop, auto shop—I could go on. But even by the time I got to high school, the funding for these kinds of classes was all but dried up.

Two machinists working on machineDespite the lack of funding, ambitious teachers fought to  keep these kinds of   offerings available. For instance, I   befriended the shop teacher at my high school, Mr. Weiss,  who singlehandedly ran wood, plastics and photography  classes with barely any budget. We had to beg,  borrow and (dare I say) steal any scraps we  could muster up. It was  the beginning  of the end for these types of    programs but we made do with what we  could and I remember those years really  fondly.

Sadly these kinds of programs just aren’t around anymore. Vocational schools are the only place kids can get real world, hands on experiences on a regular basis, setting them up for a solid future because they learn a strong skill. Today, the focus is on math, science and literature which results in people coming out of high school needing to go into college to further their education for white collar jobs.

Because a large portion of our population lacks the skills to hold a skilled labor job, there are more and more people out of work… Do you see what’s wrong here? 
I can’t help but continue to drive home that Zipper Junction is the answer! By providing people with the chance to learn highly trained skills, like those taught in the early part of the 20th Century, we can fill the unemployment gap while providing  people with an opportunity to find a more  fulfilling job that they enjoy and are  passionate about. Doesn’t that sound like a  better world?

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