This keeps me up at night

My Friend,
I write today to share, to vent, and to awaken what I know is within you.

It keeps me up at night, infiltrates my every thought, and drives me to find ways to make it a reality.  The passion I have for this project – of helping people to get more from their lives by exploring and living out their passion – is stronger than any other besides that which I have for my wife and children.  It is the most distilled solution to so many of the things we see as needing to be fixed.  It is the right time and the right method to help enormous numbers of people find what drives them.

Though many organizations and programs exist, not one, or all combined for that matter, seem to be making the type of massive progress that we need.  We are actually losing ground.

Many of the “problems” we have as a society are really symptoms, not problems at all.

What is the real reason we have such cynicism, lack of citizenship, division, greed, lack of productivity, and diminishing innovation?

People are not happy; they are not doing what they were put on this earth to do.  This is what we need to address, now.

If not through The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, then HOW?!?!
If not now, when?
If not us, who?
Please take real interest and help me (and my team) make this happen. Are you ready to make some changes in the world? Hit reply and let me know. 

Your friend,

Chief Visionary, The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project
Chief Zipper Guy, Supreme Zipper Industries
Twitter: @JimZumpone