Anything of importance seems impossible… at first!

Hi Friend,
The question being asked over and over again: WHAT IS ZIPPER JUNCTION™?The truth is, ZIPPER JUNCTION™ is a bit difficult to describe, especially quickly. Nothing like it has ever been conceived before, let alone constructed and operated. In this fast paced information age few people have the time to spend a few extra moments to really learn what something of great potential is really all about due to it’s complexity.So I decided to dedicate this note to explaining a bit more of what the heck this is all about.ZIPPER JUNCTION™ is an experience and opportunity factory that operates within an open source community.

Let’s break it down:

ZIPPER JUNCTION™ (an unbelievable place) is an experience (things to see, do, and learn) and opportunity (potential to make the future better for the participant)factory (place that intentionally manufactures) that operates within (all activities take place inside a very specific environment) an open source community (both a physical and operational set of principles where everything is accessible to everyone for inspection, understanding, sharing, and collaborating).

Going a little deeper:

  • A destination location that welcomes everyone to the programs and activities going on for observation, participation, and engagement.
  • Technical and trade programs and operations to see, try out, and learn from.
  • Non-stop sports, fitness opportunities, and organized events throughout the many venues.
  • Theatre and Arts shows, Musical programs, and hosted productions.
  • Places to stay, endless things to do, and many people to share ideas with in our open source community.
  • An OUTSIDE-IN TOWN!!! Yes, everything needed to make this unbelievable place operate is under one roof.
Just because something is big, complex, and does not fit into a predefined set of criteria folks already understand, they should not simply dismiss it.  To think it isn’t exactly what is needed to positively impact our future is quite contrary to the reality of it all.Nothing of great importance in history ever seems possible or necessary before it was conceived and ultimately built.  If you want to know learn a bit more, click here to see this video we created! 

The ZIPPPER JUNCTION Project™ is just such a game-changing concept. Come along for the ride from the beginning and revel in the end result we will all reach together.

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Jim Zumpone
Chief Visionary, The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project
Chief Zipper Guy, Supreme Zipper Industries
Twitter: @JimZumpone