Jim Zumpone – Passionate Founder & Chief VisionaryZIPPER JUNCTION

Jim Zumpone Zipper Junction

Jim is the Chief Visionary Guy behind The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ as well as the driving force behind the initiative to create The Project and build ZIPPER JUNCTION™. He is not only intensely driven to see this endeavor come to fruition, he is uniquely qualified to lead it.

Jim is also the Chief Zipper Guy at Supreme Zipper Industries; a 64 year old manufacturing-wholesale company located in Lakeville, PA. Supreme Zipper Industries is the oldest and largest privately owned facility in the United States that deals strictly with zipper materials; supplying domestic and international manufacturers.

Jim has a long history in home construction and the renovation industry. With a business background and BS in Business Management from St. John’s University in New York City, coupled with multifaceted engineering and design experience, Jim has worked on many projects throughout his career. His endeavors range from machine building to product development, architectural design to environmental system design/construction (residential, commercial, and industrial), to web design and IT system implementation. Jim also holds a US Patent for a panelized modular wall system he designed. Jim is married to his wonderful wife Henrietta since 1995, has two sons, Theo and Tadd, and resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania in a home Jim built for his parents.