Why ZIPPERS are THE Answer (and why you should care)


Why Zippers Are The Answer Zipper Junction PassionHave you ever really thought about zippers, I mean really thought about them beyond their seemingly simplistic intended purpose?  Well I have.  You see, I not only have zippers as a dominant force in my life (I run a zipper factory BTW), I have also come to the realization that those little mechanical wonders can play a huge part in fixing many of the problems that plague us as a society. Let me explain.

FACT: According to several reputable polls, approximately 70%* of the working population of the United States is generally unhappy with their day to day lives, specifically the job they are currently performing to earn a living.  

That is startling, in a really bad way!  

Can you imagine the lack of productivity that results from so many people not enjoying what they are doing every day?  Can you imagine the lack of quality in products and services rendered by all these unhappy people?  Can you imagine the illness and general apathy that is caused by or worsened simply because people dread their own careers?  We have not even gotten to the potential loss in innovation that must be occurring because of all this.

See, zippers will fix it all……..sorry, got ahead of myself.

Passion is the problem; well actually the lack of it is the problem.  Find that thing you are passionate about, that thing you would do day and night whether or not you got paid, and you would be one happy camper!  

Problem is our society rarely embraces people who truly try to pursue their passions.  In fact, so many folks never even determine what their passion is, for oh so many reasons.  Sometimes it is even squeezed right out of them through years of conformity type thinking, well-intentioned as it may have been.

If we could just bombard people with experiences and opportunities to uncover those passions; that would be a major step in helping them determine that thing they are meant to do.  Taken a step further, let them really interact with these things early on, participate in them, determine if it is really for them or not, and then help them craft a living doing that thing they are truly passionate about.  That would be awesome, especially if it weren’t driven by ulterior motive of profit or self-gain, prestige or political manipulation.

Good thing for us those little teeth on a zipper mesh together perfectly to bring it all together.  That was the theory for The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ the organization, and in turn ZIPPER JUNCTION™ the place, where all this is going to happen, on a REALLY BIG scale for as many people as we can handle!  This very special place will have everything from workshops to theatres, sporting events to concerts, work and play, innovation and restoration, all bound together in ways never before imagined.  Every program, every space, every person involved will contribute to, interact with, and generally benefit all the others.  

The end result will be people finding their passion, learning to run with it, and beginning to get this society of ours on the right track again. And remember how important those zippers are next time you zip up!

*Source: State of The American Workforce Report, Gallup, INC, 2013. Pg. 12