What is ZIPPER JUNCTION? (and why you should care)


ZJ Full Logo Color for WebZIPPER JUNCTION™ will be a special kind of place, a place we affectionately call an outside-in town.  

The many spaces within the walls of this enormous place, woodworking shops, theaters, pools, robotics labs, commercial kitchens, sound stages, lodging rooms, meeting places, ice rinks, and on and on, all came together to form a small town.  Every piece of this town is inward facing and inward focused, literally.  The “buildings” are actually all part of the same structure, the “roads” and “sidewalks” grew out of hallways that were enlarged to accommodate the many people and vehicles (yes, you read that right), and the many “municipal systems” were created to make it all work together.

I have been all over this wonderful country of ours visiting places similar to various elements of ZIPPER JUNCTION™, many of which are doing amazing things within their respective specialties.  BUT nowhere did I find a compilation of elements as it is envisioned here, operating in the way it is envisioned here, to promote what is felt to be the single most important thing, finding one’s individual passion AND helping leverage that passion into self-sustainability.  

There really is nothing like ZIPPER JUNCTION™ anywhere.  I have thought on and studied very intently to determine why not.  I have consulted multitudes of people a lot smarter than I am.  There are but only two possible reasons something like this does not exist;

A) The entire concept is simply wrong.
B) It is spot on, but is just too big, too audacious, and too much work that no one has dared try it.

Well, after literally years of making sure (A) was not the case through that exhaustive research and the endless meetings I mentioned, it was determined to be very feasible so I decided to kick (B) in the teeth!

You see, the litmus test for any element to be included within ZIPPER JUNCTION™ is simple.  If the potential element (place and/or activity) can simultaneously expose people to their potential passion while including them in that activity to participate beyond simple observance, AND if the element can both support and interact effectively with ALL other elements, it has a home at ZIPPER JUNCTION™. Let me put it this way, each piece of the ZIPPER JUNCTION™ puzzle is like each piece of the human body, needed for its own reasons and relied upon by all the others, to make the whole work as intended.