Who is ZIPPER JUNCTION for & How do they get there?



It is no secret that The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is primarily for the folks of North Eastern Pennsylvania, specifically Pike and Wayne Counties and the approximately 10,000 school aged kids that live in the area. But there is another significant population we want to have experience ZIPPER JUNCTION™…….EVERYONE!!! 

Hold on a moment, that is pretty broad statement, but it is basically true! Beyond the relatively small area of North Eastern Pennsylvania we are laser focused on, the surrounding 200 mile radius is also our target audience, the larger number of people we will need to make The Project work – some 55 million potential people! All within a few hours’ drive to ZIPPER JUNCTION™!

A quick note about the EVERYONE mentioned earlier. This project is literally an open book and is open to anyone, so if they want to come to ZIPPER JUNCTION™, or interact from afar, they are welcome!

Let’s address the “locals” first, the folks that live in the 30 mile radius around ZIPPER JUNCTION™. Primarily this is Pike and Wayne Counties in Pennsylvania, but there are some parts of other counties (Susquehanna, Lackawanna, Monroe) that fit into the circle, as do portions of Northern New Jersey and even a bit of New York State. The four school districts at the heart of this project are Wallenpaupack Area SD, Western Wayne SD, Wayne Highlands SD, and Delaware Valley SD. They are the 10,000+/- students referred to earlier. On a daily basis we would love to see a well-orchestrated meshing of ZIPPER JUNCTION™ and these four school districts, welcoming any other districts that can successfully be accommodated too! The general population would also be the major workforce for ZIPPER JUNCTION™, much needed jobs.

For these folks, both the kids and the general population, we intend to facilitate a bussing and trolley type system, similar to what the schools use now, but on a wider scale. Several transit loops would be created with scheduling to match activities within ZIPPER JUNCTION™ as well as service surrounding towns. Hawley, Honesdale, Milford, Hamlin would be considered a local loop; further and more infrequent loops would service East Stroudsburg, Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Dickson City, etc. We understand transit is a huge problem in the area and we need to supply it.

This is where it gets interesting. The standalone transit system just described would be difficult to implement due to the operational cost not being offset by enough demand, especially initially. That is where the economy of scale has to come in to help offset that. You see, we do not just intend to build it, ZIPPER JUNCTION™, and hope they come. We want to build it and GO GET THEM from that 200 radius we talked about. That’s right, work out the logistics to actually travel to and from ZIPPER JUNCTION™ from the far reaches of that 200 mile radius. In fact, we want to take it a step further, we will even work out methods to cover the costs for these folks, namely the millions of K-12 students in the defined area.

Let me explain. Do you know how fundraisers sometimes work in schools? A company is contracted with to facilitate the whole thing, right down to the packet handed to each child with instructions, catalogs of whatever they are selling or raising money for, and all needed materials. The same system will work based on the pitch to make ZIPPER JUNCTION™ a special trip for a grade, or even an entire school. We already see schools going to amusement parks, pretzel and crayon factories, and even water parks. A place that ties in learning, fun, experiences, opportunities, and so much more is certainly on par for such trips.

Hundreds of buses would go out to greet eager ZIPPER JUNCTION™ attendees right in their own neighborhoods. The experience would begin and end right there for them, all logistics taken care of. Whether they are coming for a day trip, an overnight trip, a week long summer camp, travel will be the least of the problems.

There is one more thing to clear up. You see, the local folks get ZIPPER JUNCTION™ in their daily lives. The thousands of guests we want to give the experiences to provide the needed throughput to support the operation. The surrounding businesses and communities benefit from the organic growth that will occur when the shuttled visitors return with family and friends. Everyone gets something and everyone gives something. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ makes it all happen!