What’s Happening?


A recent trend at The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ has been the many letters, emails, and notes from so many folks asking:

                What is happening with The Project?

                When will it be built and open its doors?

                Why is it taking so long for anything to get accomplished?

In response to these interested parties, I thought a blog post would do well as a mass reply to others who may be wondering the same things.

In fact we posted a meme on The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ Facebook Group recently that I will parallel here, a graphic about what part of an iceberg is seen and what part is below the water. (See below).

Slack for iOS UploadMost folks understand The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is an enormous undertaking, from the initial conceptualization to the time spent asking for feedback from the public; from the huge fundraising that will be needed to the actual construction; from the seeking out of interested and talented folks to work with us to the ongoing operation; ALL of these tasks are tremendously complex and time consuming.

When the first ideas of The Project formed in my mind I knew there would be a lot to do before we even introduced such an idea to the public. We spent almost three years quietly conducting our own self-funded feasibility study to determine if what we had in mind could actually work, could be built, and could actually happen as we envisioned it.

To say that was a lot of HARD WORK is an understatement. It took PERSISTENCE too; we were a very small team then and it was difficult to get much of the information without “spilling the beans” so to say. But that was done for two reasons: 1 – We wanted to make sure that we, ourselves, were convinced it could be done, and 2 – So that we could have all (or most) of the answers to the questions we knew would come when we did eventually reveal what we were working on.

Phase Two was the reveal and request for feedback from the public, something we felt was critical to have. We never wanted this project to be our idea and our choice alone. We always wanted folks to fully understand what we were doing and why we were doing it – and to help them understand that we really wanted their input and inclusion. That logic was a bit RISKY to say the least and opened us up to FAILURE early on, which we were prepared for – if that was the result.

It was not.

We thought that process would be 9-12 months, but as it turns out, it is looking more like 12-18 months to fully get the word out, make sure people at least had the opportunity to react to what we were doing, and to have a full feedback loop so that we could feel very secure in the results before we move on to the next phases.

What’s next? Well, this is where the MASSIVE ACTION towards GOALS will take place and a lot of FOCUS will be needed more than ever!

Programs for direct involvement by citizens, businesses, and organizations of all types are in the works. When we ask for true skin-in-the-game, all that positive talk we have heard will be tested via donations, strategic partnerships, sponsorships, commitment, and a lot of hard work. That process is a years-long phase, not to be underestimated – BUT, it is also when this is going to get really fun because we will finally have the means to forge ahead!

From there is will become a whirlwind of activity – attracting talented folks to work for The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, construction planning and implementation, program development, and on and on and on!

The ultimate goal is SUCCESS, which is what everyone want to see as quickly as… Yesterday! They want to see the top of that iceberg so badly. Trust me… I do too! But much of what makes that happen is not very interesting and it takes quite a while. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

So as you can see, this undertaking requires enormous amounts of time, effort, and resources so that we can begin to make the difference we are trying to make. Don’t get me wrong though, we will not back down. Though we do ask you for all the support you can muster to keep the good vibes flowing!