What is a maker?What is a maker?

What is a maker? We use the term maker a lot with reference to Zipper Junction™ and it’s a word that’s growing in use. So what is a maker, you ask?

Well, let’s break it down – my great Aunt used to make the most delicious almond cookies – it was one of my favorite special cookies at Christmas time and I still remember the special flavor to this day. She was a maker – a maker of the culinary type.

Remember reading Shakespeare back in high school? And do you realize the fact that it’s still being taught today and probably will continue to be taught for many more years to come…? Well, he was a maker of culture. As was Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelly, and many, many more.

Your family’s health practitioner? She’s a maker! She makes wellness.

Steven Spielberg? He’s an entertainment maker.

Your fitness class instructor? She’s a fitness maker.

Even a marketer is a maker – an awareness maker.

Here’s the deal – We are all really makers in one way or another. At the root of it all, Zipper Junction™ is really about makers in one way or another. Even if it’s the making of one’s self, it’s still about something being crafted.


So what I am really saying?

There is a place for everyone in this project.

Whether you love to cook, wrench on cars, work on computers, play sports, study music – you are welcome and can positively impact The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™. PLUS, your specialty may have some aspect to it that can cross-pollinate with other things you may have never thought; a key requirement for activities to even be included within ZIPPER JUNCTION™.


So the next time you wonder, “What is a maker?”, you should realize that you are one, and so is she, and so is he. The sooner we all realize that we ALL can play a part in this, the sooner we’ll create a big shift, a positive shift.