We are better than this

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There’s something happening in our country that has never really been seen to the extent that we are seeing play out today. I am talking about the political polarization that is happening in the United States. I feel so called to share it here on The ZIPPER JUNCTION™ Project page because we are an organization that is committed to bringing people together for the good of our nation. It is frustrating to see what’s happening on a national – even global – level, and it’s not helping the already dire situation of the positive growth of our nation.


I really don’t want to get political, but I am concerned about the people of my country. I am certain the country is fine, will be fine, and will continue to thrive as the best experiment ever created.


But the people have me worried……. 

As we pass just a week post-Presidential Debate and witnessed a VP debate this week, it seems that not nearly enough people choose to seek truth. For example, how many times have you heard someone quote or share a meme some guy made in his basement, based on no facts whatsoever, in order to prove their point or to reinforce their opinion. I simply cannot believe some of the things I have heard, read, and seen in the last few days, let alone months.


Friends at each other’s throats – family members fighting with each other – people parroting ridiculous statements as facts when these so-called truths are easily debunked. Children being tossed into political / ideological arguments as fodder.


What the heck are people thinking?!?!?


I get it, you may feel “She” is the devil incarnate – “He” is totally unqualified – “She” should be in jail – “He” is racist, xenophobic, misogynistic; “She” has done / not done this; “He” claims to have done / not done that.


Unfortunately what’s happening is that many people are simply buying into fear-based ideologies on both sides.


children-should-be-taught-to-think-modifiedBUT, as a citizen of this country – with the right to vote – comes the responsibility to THINK CRITICALLY! Think back to when you first drew conclusions about a candidate, about facts surrounding that conclusion, the sources that were used, the supporting and independent facts that built the case, who was saying what and what may have been their motivation. If the answers are found only within your own party, family, group, or echo chamber, it may be a sign to expand your sources of information.


Whatever you conclude and whoever you vote for, you must – and I really do mean must – remember who we are as Americans – not who we are in this two-party system – and why we set out to build this Country in the first place. If we can do that, we can join together and become the strongest nation on earth once again. It only happened before because we worked together, had mutual respect for one another, and didn’t lose sight of the big picture of what we were all part of – even when political differences attempted to get in the way.


It is when we work together that we make great things happen. Like we are calling for with The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, in order to make big change, we must demand big cooperation. I demand to see a change happen in our area, and so I’m making it happen – not by bickering with those who disagree, but by putting my head down and doing the work to build the support we need. At the end of the day, divided we fall, together we stand. I prefer to stand and stand tall. For the good of our families, our communities, our nation, and our world.