Realistic Timelines – What’s Possible?


Time is an interesting concept to get your head around sometimes. Things today seem to move at light speed. When you tap your phone screen you expect instantaneous connection to whatever app or email, video or article you wanted. Forget that the little device in your hand may very well have to travel to SPACE to relay the information you want. You want it now and nothing less than a fraction of a second delay will do.

At the other extreme of time is diamonds. Take your average piece of carbon, pack it in some highly compressed section of rock within Mother Earth and wait a few millions years. Presto, a perfect diamond, not bad, and so timely too.

Time Passing - 2-1Our perspective on time and the benefits we expect to receive based on how long something takes seem to be getting shorter and shorter. We want everything immediately, next day early AM delivery, drive thru, same day service. Whatever is the goal, someone is making it happen faster and faster.

With this need for speed comes a deterioration of our expectations, attention spans, and even our tolerance level for just about everything, even personal interactions. What the heck am I talking about here? What does this have to do with The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™?

Let me illustrate a time line we all seem to accept as normal – the education of one fine young person entering preschool today.

This young person, let’s say Sally is her name, enters preschool at about four years old. It will be a full 14 years for Sally to just get through High School, graduate with a diploma that may or may not be worth much by then – we are talking 2030 based on her starting this next Fall. From High School Sally will most likely go to a four year college – we are now at 18 years of schooling and the year is 2034. From there, and most likely necessarily, she will need some post graduate or professional education, maybe she wants to be a Doctor or Lawyer, you know, a real professional with all kinds of earning potential. Well tack on another four years plus. We are now 22 years into Sally’s schooling, the year is 2038, and we can all agree this is how long it will take, give or take a few years based on certain choices Sally may make.

This timeline I just illustrated is long, but hey, it is totally worth it as we are talking about educating and creating an entire career for this now adult we just educated, Ms. Sally, maybe MD.

Things of value take time, lots of time. When the goal is as enormous as the life of an individual, we never question how long it will take or that the quality should be anything but the best. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is potentially the answer to hundreds, if not thousands of issues and problems we face as a society. It will have positive impact on tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of folks in positive ways. Truth be told, my vision is for it to positively affect millions of people in order to help set this Country we all hold so dear get back on a better track.

But it is going to take TIME……lots of time. Along with that time is the effort and diligence to support it as it grows from meager beginnings into the massive center of positivity it will be.

Patience is what this is really all about. Asking for understanding – the thought of ten years is nothing in the big scheme of things to accomplish this task. It is going to take massive amounts of time and resources to make this happen. Usually this is where folks take the pessimistic stance and say it is impossible. Certainly it is not! Time I cannot do anything about though, well for the most part.

There are two things that can reduce, not eliminate the length of time necessary. These are the two resources we need most. Money is one, but not the most important (we will need massive amounts of course, but we will get to that a little later). PEOPLE are the other! When many people focus
their efforts together, time is literally sped up.

Hourglass - 1I leave you with two thoughts today. One is to respect time, a commodity you can never get back. Make sure you use it the best way possible. Make sure tolerance of this process is measured against a realistic timeframe. The second is related to the first in that we want to obviously reduce the time as much as possible to bring ZIPPER JUNCTION™ online. To do that we will need YOU, lots of YOU out there actually. In the next few weeks those opportunities will be presented through many channels. I humbly ask you to get involved, it will help us fight back time!

This video is a great example of just what I am talking about; I urge you to spend a few moments and watch it. Click here to watch.