giving-backIt really is all about giving.

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you get excited around the holiday season? Did you make a list of all the things you wanted for Christmas or Hanukkah? All the things you dreamed about having, to play with, to show your friends, to add to collections you may already have had?

I must admit that getting presents was not what it was all about for me. My parents could not understand why I didn’t ask for things at this special time of year. To me – it was about giving, and receiving did not seem all that important. In fact, I clearly recall feeling overwhelmed with joy when I pulled off a surprise for someone else; it was much better than receiving something for myself. All through my teen years and into my adult life, I continued to get the most joy from giving to others, especially when the gift was laced with great meaning for the recipient.

The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is ultimately about giving, without thought of return. When we can create that special place where opportunities and experiences abound for thousands upon thousands of people, young and old, specifically so they can define and pursue their passion – that will be the greatest gift for them to receive and for us to give!

Often I am asked what my motivation is for doing this Project. 

They ask, “what would drive someone to spend so much time and treasure attempting to make this happen?” 

Well, I believe if society was happier and more about giving, many of the problems we face would simply fade away. What better way to make folks happy than by giving them the very things they are missing in their lives? 

You see, when we do what we are supposed to be doing on this planet (pursuing our passion), that contentment transfers to everyone we come in contact with. I want to make that happen for a great number of people.

The only thing I want out of The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project is to experience the joy of giving in perpetuity, to help folks find their reason for being, their passion, and to make folks happy.