It is the end of September, and in the Northeast that means Autumn is upon us. Changing temperatures, changing colors on the trees, changing amounts of daylight, even changes in people as we transition from the warmth and fun times of summer to the cooler and winter preparation times of the Fall. Let’s not even get into all the other changes going on in the United States and around the world. It seems no two people agree on anything anymore, and the common denominator of so much of this discord is change.

Many folks say change is a good thing. I tend to always look on the positive side of things, and yes, I agree change is usually a good thing. As a matter of fact, every day that passes brings change in one form or another, whether we want it to or not. Best thing to do is look for the positive in any change and help create the best possible outcome.

I wanted to reassure everyone that the resolve of The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is as strong as ever, that will NEVER change. But we certainly will adapt to any changes that come our way. We would rather be proactive and guide the changes instead of letting them just happen. It is a core belief for us that making change happen on our terms is a lot better than sitting back and letting others determine the what and how of things. We all have so much power to make things better. Our team is constantly re-energizing to make positive change happen.

As we enter this awesome time of the year, and then the holiday season, try to be thankful for change. Status quo is not necessarily the best thing. Stagnation, immobility, and total reliance on “the way it used to be” is not going to help us forge a great path forward. Make sure to come along with us, we have so much work to do! Help us guide the progress (and change).