Several years ago, when the ideas for The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ were just coming together, there were three main points that drove me:

1 – The generally sad state of affairs of our Country and society in general.

2 – The lack of better educational alternatives & career opportunities.

3 – My personal ah-ha moment via a brush with cancer.

small steps big impact

Although the second and third points are indeed important, this first one, the observation that our communities had seemed to deteriorate, really bothered me. It drove me to learn what was happening that made it worse, and more importantly, what was being done to make it better.

The focus of this blog post is partially on this critical aspect of our lives that seems to be getting worse and worse every day, with more emphasis on what we can do about it. Every news cycle brings with it a long list of terrible, awful, and almost unimaginable reports from far away, and from next door. It can be debated endlessly about the causes of all this.

Is it the current political climate?

Is it something our leaders did twenty years ago that spurred it all?

Is it the lack of what some perceive as the good old days?

Is more/less religion the cause?

Is it the ever greater divide between the classes?

Whatever the reason, I believe it is only logical and truthful to state we do have some major problems that need to be dealt with:

Widespread drug/alcohol abuse – Domestic violence – Violence in schools/Bullying – Educational disparity – Extensive materialism – Erosion of National pride – Lack of self-reliance/entitlement mentality – Lack of empathy for your fellow man

And then there are bigger issues that compound these internal societal problems:

Deteriorating International relations – National security concerns – Immigration issues – National debt

And on and on and on…..

However, nothing as complex as how to even begin to fix our society will be simple to determine or implement. The important thing to remember though is that we are all in this together and we do not want to come out the other side being something we regret turning into. 


That being said, I believe this long journey needs to start with a single step, a very large single step that can have tremendous impact as it matures. I know what we are doing now is not working, so, something else has to be tried.

The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, for all its immense scale, is a tiny step forward to making the needed changes for the better actually happen. 

Some people may think it is too big for our area (NEPA), but in reality, it is exactly the size of what we should be doing. 

Coming together on a major project that can set us back on straighter rails again is nothing but good. It is not too much to ask for folks to pitch in, work together, have a stake in their own community and a hand in making things better. When built and operational, our youth will ultimately benefit by the sheer volume of opportunities that will be nurtured and eventually blossom.

The only way to even begin to solve the current problems is by a long term investment in our future.

Part of the equation is getting many people from the surrounding areas of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. to also be able to partake in the opportunity and experience factory that is ZIPPER JUNCTION™. The direct beneficiaries are the folks of our immediate area, but the huge throughput of folks are an even bigger benefit as they take away better ideas of what the future could be. The ripple effects will be phenomenal!

I do not claim to have THE answer, but I am certain I have a very plausible one that can make a big dent in our little part of the greatest Country in the World! Hey, maybe a few more ZIPPER JUNCTIONs around the good old US of A could be in all our futures…….

If you want to learn more about what The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is all about, you can start here: