Play, Learn, Work – The Three Faces of Each Shop


play, learn, work In order for anything to be included in the shops at Zipper Junction™, it must fulfill three components – it must create an opportunity for people to play, learn, and work. Similar to the requirement of cross-pollination-ability, every single inclusion in the outside-in town must be able to fulfill a requirement at the core, front-end, and back-end.

Every single inclusion in the outside-in town must be able to fulfill a requirement at the core, front-end, and back-end.

Let’s break this down:

First off, because Zipper Junction™ is a learning facility, there must be an educational component at the core. We want people to be able to learn by doing, and so we offer our citizens an opportunity to do just that by requiring that each aspect featured can be actively participated in.
On the front-end, we require that each operational component have the ability to accept interaction from the general public in an anonymous way, that is, folks do not have to sign up or pay a fee to initially see what it’s all about; they can simply observe, shop, or partake in some unique activity based on the operations of the shop. By doing so, not only are we enabling the public to see what is going on behind the scenes, but also creating a situation that functions as a conduit for inviting people to take action and get involved themselves.

The third aspect is the back-end, or the monetization portion. This one is quite important – though no more important than the other two – because each specialty must have some way of generating financial revenue in order to help offset the cost of the specialty being there in the first place.


So let’s take a look at this in action through the auto mechanical shops:

At the core – the educational piece – the shops offer a variety of educational opportunities. From high school level courses through to weekend mechanic workshops or advanced adult education and certifications, the shops will offer a variety of educational opportunities for our citizens.

On the front-end, there will be an observation area, retail area, an interactive display, and potentially some simulators for various tasks representing activities within the educational core. Anyone wandering the streets of Zipper Junction™ can come in, see, feel, and experience auto tech at its finest. It also offers an opportunity to whet the palates of our visitors, who can opt into a two hour course, a weeklong certification or a summer camp that goes on for a few weeks at a time.

Finally, the backend of the auto mechanic shops can be utilized by citizens or even local residents and small businesses for a fee. In addition, these shops will work on things like the municipal vehicles, for instance, at cost. This not only gives the shop throughput, but also allows Zipper Junction™ to get vehicles repaired for a lower cost.


play, learn, workSo there you have it – the three-part test of play, learn, and work. Each aspect of Zipper Junction™ must fulfill this requirement – from the theater to the kitchen, the hotel to the sporting facilities, and beyond, all must have these three important pieces.

Which aspect are you most excited to explore? Comment below!