One last thing…..


I am certain many people reading this, those who have been following The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ all along, and even those who may have only casually heard about what we are doing are asking the same thing:


Today I am pleased to tell you that we are NOT doing anything…..just yet. Bear with me on this.

We are just as excited to get this going as anyone, truly. We are literally on the verge of taking our first steps, revealing the first concrete efforts, and making calls to actions public on all our channels. Which leads to this blog post.

One more time we ask you, all of you, anyone reading this, one huge favor. Before we make all this wonderful information public we want to make sure our audience is as big as it can be.

The favor then? SHARE the heck out of this blog, our website, our Facebook Group, our Facebook Page, EVERYTHING!

AND ask EVERYONE to sign up to the email list on our website. The more folks seeing and sharing direct information we release, the better the chances we have of making this happen!

So, to recap:

SIGN UP as many people to our email list on the website as possible! (You too if you have not)

SHARE the heck out of our website and social media channels. All links below.

That’s it. Help us out to make a big splash in a couple weeks.

THANK YOU for your help!!!

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