Our Not-So-Secret Ingredient


Here at The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, we pride ourselves on being a non-profit entity, an organization for the people, by the people. We also know the importance of a tightly run ship – one that runs like one of the most finely tuned businesses out there.

And yet, we also know that power lies in community and the people that make up the community. As Zig Ziglar said “any business is only as good as its people.” September is here folks, and with the change from summer to fall, we are becoming more focused on the most important aspect of The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™: YOU! IMG_2991

In order for The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ to become a reality, we will focus on its core: the people. To do that, we are committed to getting the right people into the right positions. From there, a support team will be put in place to help them grow into the best that they can be.

What will this do? Well, this will make ZIPPER JUNCTION™ all it can be for anyone and everyone to experience all that The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ has to offer.

Without you, The Project wouldn’t be where it is today. And without a solid core of more great people, we won’t go far, which is why we are committed to building this from the inside out! Do you know someone who would be interested? Share this blog now