How Music Can Influence The Mind


how music can influence the mindHow Music Can Influence the Mind

Do you know how much music can influence the mind? As I sit here and type, I can hear the sounds of The Underwater Sounds coming from the other room – concentration and focus come easily. Where for days I have been distracted, today I am focused and prepared for the workday ahead.  

My son, Theo, was once invited to DJ/MC a typically stale annual golf luncheon. In years prior, there was no music besides a bit of elevator music that sporadically hummed out of the house speakers. But this day was different. Theo had worked hard to craft a playlist that spoke to the guests – favorites from the 50’s and 60’s. It was like night and day – everyone was dancing and the event was well-attended throughout, rather than people leaving early. Music changed the entire event for the better – the soundtrack he created matched the lives of the folks there and made them feel so good, feel younger even!

Last month I attended a Christmas party, and while I had been in a terrible mood that day, I was livened up by the cheery sounds of holiday favorites. I remember the days when listening to classic rock while driving my first car; that made me feel so alive.

Music has the power to influence the mind. I believe that the presence of music is good for the body and spirit and can inspire people. For this reason, music will be present in Zipper Junction™, and not just in the finished form as played through a PA system. Music will be conceived, created, recorded and blended into all we will do. There is no good reason to not have it there, as many public settings unfortunately seem to lack.  It is something that business understands well, the addition of music, so shouldn’t places of teaching, learning, and experiencing do the same?

If we can inspire people with sound, then we intend to do so in a really big way at ZIPPER JUNCTION™.