Well, it is time! The next contact you get will contain special information. In preparation for that, we are sending this Last Call!

A couple months back I asked you to prepare for an upcoming call to action, or should I say several calls to action. In that blog post and email blast I listed all the places to connect with The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ on social media, asked you to share ALL our online presences, and to ask all your friends and contacts to sign up for our emails and find us on the interwebs.

There was certainly a bump in sign-ups and connections, but not as many as we wanted to see. With the coming calls to action imminent, I want to ASK AGAIN for you to do the following:

SHARE the heck out of this email/blog, our website, our Facebook Group, our Facebook Page, our Twitter feed – EVERYTHNING!

AND ask EVERYONE to sign up to the email list on our website. The more folks seeing and sharing direct information we release, the better the chances we have of making this happen!

Here it is again:

SIGN UP as many people to our email list on the website as possible! (You too if you have not)

SHARE the heck out of our website and social media channels. All links below.

Our collective future, which lies with our youth, is truly at stake. We all are needed to make positive things happen that will create the experiences and opportunities necessary to get the next generation on a path to success. I cannot wait to make this happen. I cannot tell you how much I personally appreciate whatever help you will be able to extend. Thank you!

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