Join Our New Online Community!


Join our new online community

In honor of our new and flourishing online community, I thought I’d share my experience with adopting social media as a means of building community. I know there are a lot of people out there, especially those born before 1980, who have resistance to joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, etc, etc. The reason I feel it is so important to share my experience is because that very reluctancy to adopt new forms of communication, like social media, can cause a rift in the way that information is exchanged in our heavily technological world – of course, this can be good or bad.

Social media was something I never used much before The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ basically forced me to. I was also the guy who had a cell phone so long that the provider called to tell me if I did not get a new phone they were forced to cancel my plan as they no longer had analog service. To say I do not adopt technology quickly is an understatement. But I do adopt it, just takes me longer than some.


When it was time to strategize how to promote and explain The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, social media was obviously at the forefront. It is inexpensive, can touch countless people, and it allows for sharing and interaction. The problem was that I had no, none, nada, personal presence on any platform. This had to be cured in rapid fashion. Early on in the process I created and began to develop mainly Twitter and Facebook accounts for myself, developing a lovely network of folks. Today I am glad to say I did it. I have met some lovely people both online and then subsequently in person. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not share everything about me or my personal life, far from it, but I do find it fascinating that people can be connected to whatever level they feel comfortable with.

For the purposes of building a community that we one day will be a living breathing thriving place, Facebook seemed like the logical choice for a group. Initially we had just a “Page” on Facebook, something we could send information out on, but feedback was lacking. It’s a static billboard on Facebook, and although we got thousands of “Likes”, this does not translate into a lot of feedback.

To create a place of interaction and engagement, a member driven arena where we can send info out and in turn get feedback and suggestions in, we recently formed a new online community in the form of a Facebook Group. These communities are booming lately, as a result of the way that Facebook Pages (like our page right here) aren’t getting the visibility they once had. Ultimately, we hope that this new online community will translate into the real world community we are building.

ALL are welcome to join the group – the community – that is The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™.

 Get online if you are not, it’s a good thing!