Zipper junction northeast PennsylvaniaAmerica’s Problem: No Towns Being Built (or old ones rebuilt)

When was the last time you heard of a new town being built? Seriously, when? Decades ago in some history class describing the American Frontier, maybe?

Now that’s not the ONLY problem the US has, in fact, the US has a lot of problems – a lot. But a small team of folks, myself included, believe we have a solution, a potential solution to a lot of them.

We want to build a town. Yes, you heard that right, we want to build a town.

Why is this a solution? Well, we have studied many of the problems our country faces, which we can talk about at length later, but suffice it to say, they run the gamut from social issues, to economic issues, to domestic issues, to national security issues.

I share this with you because all off these problems have something in common, which is that the solution lies within the next generations, or should I say the environment we create that will educate and nurture the next generations.

No, this is not some liberal arts center for the betterment of humanity or a think tank of professional paid political advisors.

What if I told you that blending the combination of our past, our present, and our future was the answer?

We have to get back to our roots as an industrial and economic powerhouse, using today’s resources to do it, and innovate the future like nobody’s business. Use only the best from all three and set the stage for our kids to create the future we all want for them.

If you made it this far, I can get into a bit of the nitty gritty…

I am a trades person, always have worked with my hands and currently own a small factory that actually makes things in the good old US of A – zippers to be exact. I strongly believe in the old fashioned work ethic, self-reliance, and unlimited possibility that this country stood for, and hopefully still does. Based on that belief, our town is centered around the trades, creation, and innovation.

Zipper junction what is gears northeast PennsylvaniaWe have designed this place to function as an example of what could be done on a bigger scale. We envision a totally self-sustainable town, one that has industry as its main driver (and partially as its method of education) that is closely tied to things like sports, the arts, fitness, and many other necessary requirements for a town to function.

All those other things serve three purposes.

1 – They are the things that make a town a town – all the extra-curricular activities we do when we are not in work or school. Going to the movies, seeing a ball game, taking part in craft activities, maybe a fitness class or even hosting visitors from somewhere else – all things a town needs to thrive.

2 – The operations of all these things are the purpose, or through put, of the trades and workshops within the town. The garbage has to be collected, sets need to be built for the theatre shows, independent movie makers need places to make the very movies that will be shown in the theatres, culinary arts facilities will service the food requirements.

3 – These activities are the input mechanism for much of the self-sustainability – that is, they generate revenue from outside the immediate area. The plan is to structure all activities for the local population first, especially as they are applied to students in the surrounding schools in terms of Vocational training. Secondly, a huge system of moving folks from a 200 mile radius around the town, through the town to both benefit them through the experiences we offer, but to have the fees generated offset the costs to operate in the first place.

OK, that was a lot to soak in, a bit complex in design, and maybe downright confusing to read.

Before more is said, let me be clear on something: This entire endeavor is undertaken for the benefit of the local population of Pike/Wayne counties as well as some close proximity communities surrounding these places. That includes everyone – citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations, anyone or any entity in the area. Besides the obvious like schools, think locally owned small businesses, think fire departments, economic development groups, or even chambers of commerce. We are doing this as a hub for ALL of them. No one should worry that we are going to compete with them in any way – quite the contrary; our goal is to strengthen the area in every way possible.

In addition to that, we do intend to invite the 55 million people that surround us within that 200 mile circle here to gain from the experiences and opportunities we will put forth. There always has to be a give and take, a mutual respect for the needs of others in return for the needs we have. There has to be something in it for everyone. We give them a taste of what an awesome future could be, set them on a potentially life changing path, and they spend time with us in exchange for a modest fee of some sort. We can talk more about that later, but suffice it to say we have tremendous ideas and plans on how to make that happen in a large scale way that will not break anyone’s bank.

I think at this time I need to clearly state what the intention of this town is. In the beginning I talked about how we as a society have tons of problems. After much thought, research, outreach, and hypothesis, it was clear we have a country of very unhappy people, almost 70% of the working population does NOT like what they do every day, do not feel engaged in what they do, are not passionate about what they do to earn a living. We have spent decades telling folks that making a lot of money is the key to success, and that with success comes happiness. I can tell you with 100% certainty that is not correct. Don’t get me wrong, money can make things easier, to a point. But if you are not doing that thing, that special thing you are meant to do, you will not be happy.

I can hear the groans already. “This guy is going to tell us to follow our passion, what a load of…” – well you get the idea. To this I say you are only partially correct. I am a realist, a person who still thinks about how to pay the bills, how important it is to work hard, how important it is to be self-reliant. Most of that is not what the idealists tend to think. I am not telling anyone to follow their passion and it will all magically work out. That tends to fail more than succeed.

What I am telling folks is that you must find your passion, as early as possible if you can, and then leverage it into a method of self-sustainability. That second part is critical – figuring out how to monetize the passion. Entrepreneurship is a big part of that considering the average person changes jobs, if not careers, seven times in a working lifetime. If you cannot weave your passion into one, or even the seven different positions, you are going to be very unhappy.

Opportunities and experiences are what we will offer within this town, an abundance of them happening in plain sight, all the time.

Those workshops we talked about, they will have a portion of their operation on display and available for the general public to interact with it.

Those sporting facilities, they will not only host events and games, but the general public can participate in them as athletes and see and experience what makes them operate as well.

The sound stages will not only function for local and distant filmmakers, but the entire operation will be exposed so the average person can see and experience it.

Logistics, the things everyone takes for granted like getting packages delivered or hot food to the right venue, not only will have to happen in order for the town to function, it will be on display for all to see how it works. Think of the inner working of a machine shop. Many of you cannot even envision it. No more do we have Dads and grandfathers, aunts and sisters working in such places to tell the next generations about them because they are long forgotten in our towns and cities. We want the most state of the art machine shop churning out innovative things for all to see, experience, and maybe make a life choice based on it.

I hope this information re-boot was just what you needed to get you further engaged in The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™. We are very close to unveiling the next phase of making this all a reality now that our outreach and feedback loop is complete. YES, folks do really want something like this and we are really revved up to begin making it happen!!

Share this message, ask questions, and never doubt we will make the impossible – POSSIBLE!