How To Do The Impossible (And Why You Should Care)


do the impossible zipper junctionDetermining the world was not flat, building The Great Wall of China, landing on the moon, or 3D printing human body parts; you know what they all have in common? They were all “impossible” at one time – or so people thought.  I could go on and on about all the things that were “impossible” – until someone decided to make them, well, possible.  I am ever the optimist; I believe anything really is possible.  Just because there is no clear route to get somewhere does not mean we should not embark on the journey.

After it was determined that building such a place as ZIPPER JUNCTION was a really good idea, (by me and hundreds of my closest friends, experts, and some very smart people) the actual planning began – the nuts and bolts of it if you will.  This is where I am really at my best: talking to engineers about steel fabrication, the environmental engineering considerations for waste water, the impact on local roads, the stress on the power grid, gathering all the pieces and parts to plan out this huge undertaking was addictive to me.  After a lot of hard work, it became very clear it could be built, but the cost did grow into a number with A LOT OF ZEROS!

I knew it could be done, but I had to first make it “possible” instead of “impossible”.  Being very logical, I started to think of how to build a road, figuratively speaking at this point of course, to get where I wanted to go.  Being that money is the only real obstacle; I had to come up with a plan to fund this project.  People used to say they could get rich if they could just sell one cup of tea to every person in China.  But that was “impossible” – how could you really serve tea to over a billion people?  Without being too literal, we now have ways to do almost that.  Through a very precise plan, which involves crowd funding on one extreme and seeking/accessing very large philanthropists on the other, with many various forms of monetary generation in the middle, there is indeed a feasible plan that could make the impossibility of raising the needed funds to build ZIPPER JUNCTION™ possible!

There is a catch though; I need YOU to help out with this.  The one part of this plan – of making the impossible possible – involves a very important step that must happen BEFORE we actually make the huge asks we intend to. Public awareness and support must exist as a prerequisite to this plan succeeding, and on a VERY large scale.  We need you to get involved in all this now!

So, sign up for the email updates, “like” and follow our social media pages and subscribe to everything we offer so you can get the whole story.  We need as many folks involved in this as possible too, so spread the word, share the heck out of everything, contact us to volunteer, and make a donation to get this going much farther than we could have ever imagined.

And remember that everything really is possible!!!