Going out on a limb here – Thank You! (in advance)


As we begin the 2016 Holiday Season by celebrating Thanksgiving, all of us here at The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone following along, engaging on social media, tweeting back at us, and generally showing interest and support in what we are doing.


We also want to thank each and every one who will help make ZIPPER JUNCTION™ a reality! That’s right; a huge THANK YOU to all the folks, businesses, and entities that we know will step up in the coming months and years to add real, tangible, beneficial, and meaningful additions and contributions to our efforts.

It may seem odd to send out such a thank you in advance, but this holiday is all about giving thanks, right?  So why not base our well wishes on what we have learned over the last eighteen months.

Let me explain.

For several years the few of us here at The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ worked in relative silence, dare I say secrecy, in order to form up a firm foundation of information upon which we could confidently proceed to unveil, explain, and garner support for something that seems almost impossible at first glance. We wanted to make sure something like we were proposing, building and operating the outside-in Town called ZIPPER JUNCTION™ could actually happen.

Well, that went as well as it could. We did a lot of homework, spent a lot of our own money, and determined we would “take it to the people”. That began an 18 month stretch where were held town hall meetings, had intimate get-togethers, chatted with all manner of groups, and basically explained what we envisioned to just about anyone who would listen.

The purpose? FEEDBACK – We wanted to see if this concept was all we thought it was. We wanted to see if the general population would be accepting. We wanted to get input on things to see if we got them right. After all that time and effort spent, the resounding answer – YES!

What we also learned was how awesome people can be. We learned there is support for good things, there is support for honest things, there is support for things done for all the right reasons, there is support for things when others are the reason for doing them in the first place.

Based on that knowledge, we are confident, extremely confident, that as we proceed and actually (and finally) ask for help, we believe it will be there. THAT is what the thank you is for. We never want to make light of the fact we cannot do this alone, we will need lots of help on many levels. So with that in mind, it is never too early to say thank you! We are so thankful for having wonderful people that we know will help to make this all become a reality!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! And remember, it is never too early to say thank you.