giving-thanksHappy Thanksgiving to all! As we’re winding down the final days of 2015, I wanted to share a story with you that will illustrate what’s in store for The Project for 2016…

The other day I was speaking with someone who may very well become a part of this undertaking. He was telling me a story about his three year old son. As this person is an architect, he routinely takes his son to the jobsite when he checks on progress. As his son stood in the half finished house he proclaimed, “it is not make believe anymore.” After a little explanation from my new friend, I came to understand what this brilliant child meant. He remembered when his Dad just talked about the house, it was “just words and ideas” then. A little further along it was “pretend” when his Dad drew up the plans. Now it is “real”. I am so thankful that 2015 took The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ from the “words and ideas” to a more understandable “pretend”. We are ready to hit the ground running in the coming year to make it so “it is not make believe anymore.”

I share this with you both as a signifier for what 2016 will be, but also as a bridge to share my gratitude for the immense support we’ve received this year. From the one time volunteer to the Senior Advisors who lend expertise, time, and treasure to this Project, there is no way to repay them or thank them enough. People tend to assume that money will be the biggest obstacle to making The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ a reality. I have always countered with the fact that finding the right people will be the biggest challenge. Luckily, a metal and magnet atmosphere has been developing, as I had hoped it would. The right people seem to be attracted to The Project. I am so very thankful for each and every one of them!

All of the work this year was directed at feedback, comments, input from everyone and anyone, good or bad. It helped us hone the concepts and decide if this is indeed a good thing for all. For the efforts directed our way by folks near and far we are all so very thankful.

I am thankful for the future we will make together. I am certain good things will happen if we work together. Good things are needed on so many levels. There is no reason this cannot be the catalyst for a very bright future for our community and hopefully for so many more!