cross-pollinationThe existence of Zipper Junction is very much based on the need for (and benefits of) cross-pollination.  All of the individual areas, programs, and facilities within Zipper Junction work together to form a total that is more than simply the sum of the individual parts. 

As a sustainable community, nothing here can happen without it being utilized in three ways. For instance, let’s take a look at the sports aspect. 

sports-cross-polinationThere will be many athletes at Zipper Junction, but those athletes won’t simply be there for playing sports. In order to improve their performance, they can be subjects for motion studies right here at Zipper Junction.

These studies would require specialty video and photographic equipment and techniques which will be available through the video production department at Zipper Junction, giving Zipper Junction members interested in the field of motion studies or video production an opportunity to get some real-world experience.

Taking it a step further, the motion study information collected from the human subjects would then be adapted for use in motion and ergonomic studies, which the robotics department at Zipper Junction could use. 

Another, and perhaps more obvious opportunity for synergy and cross-pollination is in theater and arts, woodworking and building trades, and logistics. A theatrical production requires a set to be designed and built, while logistics plays a huge part throughout the production to ensure smooth functioning between the three different aspects.

The ideas of synergy, cross pollination, economy of scale, depth of knowledge, etc., etc. are all a direct result of all the individual components working seamlessly together. In order for anything to happen at Zipper Junction, it must fulfill a specific need – nothing is unintentional here and everything serves a greater purpose, thus creating a sustainable environment.