Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the first ever live ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ event. It was a long time in the making, but the result was more than I could have asked for.

The energy created within the Wallenpaupack Area High School* auditorium that night – and the explosion of interest afterwards – makes me feel pretty confident that we are on the right path.

Image courtesy of Katie Collins of News Eagle

Image courtesy of Katie Collins of News Eagle

Before I go any further, I want to thank everyone who attended the event, who helped in one way or another to make it happen, to those who have since shown great interest as a result of the meeting, as well as those who keep spreading the meaning of what this is all about. Without all these people, businesses, and organizations, none of this would be happening. The truth is, this entire concept is based on people, and if this first public step is any indication that people will step up and get behind this, I feel GREAT about this.

So what happened at this meeting? The night began with an illustrative video of WHY we are doing what we are doing, HOW we intend to make it happen, and a really healthy dose of exactly WHAT it will all look like. For the entire duration of the 40 minutes film, the crowd of nearly 200 people, ranging from teens to seniors, was completely engaged in the video, which says a lot! We’ll be posting this online VERY soon.

Afterwards, there were questions, so many questions! They were really good, very thoughtful questions that seemed to go on and on. We covered the gamut:

  • What types of programs we envision will take place at ZIPPER JUNCTION™ ?
  • How much this all will cost?
  • How it will impact our local communities?
  • What are the legal and organizational issues?


We even had some young folks get into the act with prepared questions, asking how this project could involve them. I was ecstatic to speak directly to the youth, which this whole project is ultimately for!

The meeting went so well that the activity after it swelled with pictures and conversations on social media to news stations covering it online and via TV.

Many people have reached out, apparently sorry they missed the meeting, asking for another shot at a “Town Hall” forum to personally learn more. We are planning similar meetings in surrounding areas to see if the positive response continues, so we can move forward, confident that we are indeed doing something that our communities will get behind.

While we feel very confident about this project, and have done more due diligence than may have even been necessary, it’s paramount that the very people we aim to help – both locally and abroad – fully understand this project, can get behind it, and then, only together, can WE move forward to make it happen!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

*This event was not endorsed or sponsored by the Wallenpaupack Area School District.