Adulting – What the heck does that mean??


Have you seen or heard this word on the internet (or God forbid) in real life?


Apparently the younger generation of adults have coined this term to refer to doing things they see as “adult” activities, like going to the doctor to get something checked out, investing in a 401k, or something as simple as putting food on the table.

adultingI never thought of these activities as things to celebrate; I always saw them as just things one does. But apparently, an entire generation of humans believe that these activities are cause for celebration, as in, these things are not just “things one does.”

My reason for sharing this is not to poke fun at or call out this generation, I believe they get their fair share of judgements placed upon them.

My reason for sharing this is because there is something wrong with what these kids are being taught before they hit adulthood!

I remember when high school curriculum included classes that taught students how to write a check and even balance a checking account, the basics of cooking, how to change a tire, etc.

However these days, more often than not, classes like these are a thing of the past. They’ve given way to classes that will prepare kids for standardized tests.

I’m sorry but this boggles my mind. We have an entire generation of adults who are struggling to, as they say, “Adult,” and it’s only going to get worse if we continue at this rate.

Yet another reason I am so committed to getting The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ off the ground. It’s our obligation to future generations to give them what they need.

Our kids need the opportunity to learn real world tools and wisdom so they can take on the world with fervor. So they can celebrate changing the world, not changing the sheets!