If you have been following along all these months, it is clear that The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is all about folks finding their passion and learning to leverage it into a self-sustainable life. Being HAPPY is the goal – as happy people make for a better society, period! (we have proof of it, and have shared it many times before).


But there is a bigger picture here – a bigger picture that became quite clear as a result of fleshing out the original mission of The Project. It was an outline of a community that nurtured and supported the mission.


Although I mentioned last time that the next blog post you would see was a call to action, it seemed important to remind everyone of exactly the kind of community we envision. For without that clear vision well understood, asking others to get involved would be that much more difficult.

A Vision for Northeastern Pennsylvania (applicable to Any Town, USA):


Imagine if you will a place with the following 25 characteristics – in no particular order:


1 – Safe communities for families

2 – Adequate supply of good paying jobs

3 – Opportunities and support for entrepreneurship

4 – Relatively Low taxes with Higher than average property values 

5 – Successful and collaborative school districts that graduate students ready for college and/or life

6 – A community that supports study and/or life experiences abroad for its youth

7 – Has adequate opportunities for its youth to return to if they desire

8 – Access to high-speed internet at low cost

9 – Locally grown, transported and consumed organic produce

10 – Locally generated, transmitted and consumed energy in many forms

11 – Regional transportation system fully accessible and low cost

12 – Inviting area that aggressively markets the region, facilitates visitors while keeping local control

13 – Extremely clean and natural surroundings

14 – Ability to maintain unique and special nature of the region while carefully developing self-sustainability for the long run

15 – Low crime – little to no drug use

16 – Retention of small town(s) feeling regardless of visitors

17 – Enclave of innovation

18 – Destination for National tourists

19 – Modern and accessible Health facilities at the ready

20 – Local Government that is open, accessible, transparent, and effective 

21 – Organized business community who share these common goals 

22 – Strong base of non-profit entities as well as needed support for same

23 – Diverse and welcoming population in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, political preference

24 – Diverse experiences for all to enjoy – theatre, arts, restaurants

25 – Adequate fire, EMS, and safety organizations operated, funded, and staffed


Can you imagine it?


We can!


With that, I ask you to read the list again, think about the possibilities of such a place, and get ready to help us make The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ happen!