Technical and traditional, innovative and high tech, all the working shops within ZIPPER JUNCTION™ function together to build anything that can imagined! They are also the main driver for the creative culture we intend to foster, the meat and potatoes.

The shops within ZIPPER JUNCTION™ will include, but are certainly not limited to, woodworking, metal fabrication, machining, automobile repair/modification/creation/restoration, plastic fabrication/molding, electrical systems design/construction, computer design, hydraulic system design/construction, pneumatic system design/construction, robotics, and many many other disciplines. All the shops will be able to create, make, and generally transform ideas into things, useful things, and innovative things. We will have them all within this complex! From the literal drawing board on paper and within a computer to the spray booth to put on the finishing touches, we will have a place where we can make anything, teach about making it, and more importantly innovate new ways to make things. There will be a place related to all these shops where people can come to work, collaborate, watch, and learn.

There will be a core staff of teachers and artisans who will call this place home as well as a system to have a revolving door for others to come and gather everything from information to hands on experience. This area is the engine of ZIPPER JUNCTION™; all the other features and places integrate into these very special spaces in one way or another. We call this special relationship cross pollination, the ability of all these specialties and other activities to feed each other, compliment each other, and generally add up to a total that exceeds the simple sum of all the parts.

Wood Working

Learning & Education
Learning & Education
The reason behind The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is to expose people to opportunities and experiences in order to help them find their passion and learn about it! Although not a traditional school at all, there are many forms of learning and education that will take place in all facets of the operation.
Citizenry & Cooperation
Citizenry & Cooperation
As a physical representation of an open source community, the people are the most important part of the system; we must all work together! Although more of an abstract concept within ZIPPER JUNCTION™, citizenry and cooperation are still very important, earning them a unique cog in the overall mechanism.
Fitness &
Fitness &<br />Sports
We are nothing without our health, PERIOD! Fitness opportunities and sports of all kinds will thrive within the huge sports complexes of ZIPPER JUNCTION™. As a major pillar of the philosophy, this gear is included to show the importance of how our individual health and well being affects everything else we do.
Theater &
Theater &<br /><a>Arts
All the creativity comes together in the many studios, theaters, sound stages, and venues throughout ZIPPER JUNCTION™. The Theatre & Arts Gear embodies all the facets from all the others within a form for all to enjoy as well as participate in. It is a fact that people who participate in the arts are more successful elsewhere.


The Outside-In town that connects all of the inner workings of The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ together, facilitates cross pollination, and becomes the ongoing event for all to experience! This Gear is literally the driver for all the other gears in the mechanism and is also our dual lighting bolts of innovation logo.