Who Is Behind The Zipper Junction Project?


who you know peopleIt’s all about who you know.

I remember one time trying to get help with a major business-phone line problem.  I must have spoken to fifty different people over the course of several days and got nowhere.  The problem was causing huge issues in our day to day operations and I could not get the right person to fix the problem! Out of frustration, I began to search the internet for a phone number or some nugget of information that could help solve the problem. While reading through a chat room thread of folks bashing the phone company, I found an email address claiming to be that of the then CEO of the company in question. I was extremely skeptical as to its authenticity, especially considering the other text claiming this individual would indeed answer at this address.

That night I sent a not-so-nice email supposedly to the CEO. The next morning when I opened my email, I was amazed to not only see a positive reply from this CEO, but several other emails from different departments within this huge phone company, all stating not only that my problems were fixed, but asking what else they could do!  I was floored!  This fellow indeed read his emails, and more importantly acted upon them immediately.  Talk about customer service.  I went from a customer looking to ditch their services to one that did nothing but talk them up and recommend them, albeit I did mention to that CEO about the lower levels of customer service needing major attention.  Bottom line, it really is, unfortunately, all about who you know in this world.

So who is it behind such a major project as ZIPPER JUNCTION™?  Well, it all started with me, Jim Zumpone, and a single idea.  But in time, that idea was planted into the minds of many other people, where it grew.  Those people knew other people, and then things started to happen.  It has gotten to the point where if we do not know someone, we find a way to get their attention and get to know them.  When I was working on the feasibility of some of the steel structures for the actual construction of ZIPPER JUNCTION™ I hit a wall at the local level.  Again I was determined to speak to the folks in the know, the folks who can get real answers.  A few days later, some digging and prying, and one of the top engineers from one of the two biggest steel component manufacturers in the country was sitting in my conference room discussing the project.

We started off as team of family, friends, and some local folks with ideas and a lot of drive.  This group has turned into an advisory of folks from all over the country with expertise and connections to anything we may need in terms of information or direction.  College professors, business owners, engineers, scientists, athletes, doctors, and lawyers are all involved – and many more, in fact.  The who behind all this is what drives it forward and the who we are driving the project forward for keeps us focused.  As this project moves along, gets bigger, and builds more momentum, we welcome newcomers to both sides of the equation with a goal of having the two groups merge along the way, making this project a self sustaining and self-innovating entity where everyone is welcome and everyone is connected.

And remember, it is always all about the people!!!