Do you believe in self-reliance and personal responsibility? And turning inward to remedy a problem or challenge? 

I am not saying that people shouldn’t ask for help, but referring to a tendency to just expect a municipal or governmental agency to have the solution for whatever the issue may be. 

This question goes beyond just the individual, right up to the community or town in need. Do you think people take action to look inward to initiate a solution and then actually do something about it?

We recently had this conversation in The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ Facebook Group. It received some interesting comments, very insightful:

– People place blame on everything and everyone but themselves

– Voluntary exchange of ideas is in the best interests of all

– Barter, live off land, share expertise

– People are not self-reliant because of malaise and feelings of hopelessness

– No one lives in total isolation; nothing is done totally by one’s self

– “Zombie attitude” of just doing a 9-5 job and the government will take care of everything else

– Must have parity between the individual and society for it all to work

– Depends on size of issues and on the individual – simple stuff should be easy for the individual, complexity leads to more help from society

– Work ethic is EVERYTHING – good or bad, work ethic will make it a reality

– Sometimes there are indeed societal barriers preventing individuals to rise to the level of self-sufficiency as another may without barriers, perceived or real

– Self-study, turning to one self to see where changes can be made to improve, individually, then societally is the key

americaAs you can see, the answers were all over the place: from creative to traditional, community-based to self-based, from class and demographic prejudices to philosophical reasonings that lack the full and fair idea exchange.

Honestly, I see where all these folks are coming from. 

However, I have a simpler take on the questions posed: You should always strive to take care of yourself as best you can. 

If someone’s upbringing lacked a model to follow or some moral compass of some kind, you can’t blame the individual. Instead, look inside yourself and determine how you can help that person to realize how important their piece of our societal puzzle is, rather than discounting them and letting the problems perpetuate generation after generation. 

Take care of yourself and then turn around and help anyone else who needs your help. If you live in a rotten area, make it better, it is an extension of you after all, and that is part of personal responsibility and self-reliance.

When we all do this, society benefits overall. 

Why is that important? Because as some of the commenters pointed out, some things are too big for us to tackle as individuals. We then need to scale the problem to our neighbourhood, town, city, region, State, or even Country, depending on the severity and complexity of the issue needing to be dealt with.

Bottom line is this: Ego, greed, selfishness, racism, lack of empathy and understanding, from all sides, leads to only bad situations getting worse. If these things were cast aside and we all realized we are responsible for ourselves because we are in this thing together, the bigger problems we face would begin to solve themselves. 

I truly hope The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ begins to instill these traits in new generations of kids (of any age) so they may find true happiness in what they do, which will then lead to self-sufficiency and in turn, make the society we all share a better place.

What do you think? Comment below and let me know.