There will be a lot of moving parts in The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, just like the gears of an engine or a bicycle. 

I’ve created this handy little infographic to show you the many different working parts of Zipper Junction™ and then we’ll break it all down below.


As you can see, each gear represents a different facet of the working whole. Let’s go around counter-clockwise and I’ll break this down a bit more. 

Learning-EducationLet’s start with the Learning and Education gear: We offer all people an opportunity to learn by exposing them to new opportunities and experiences within the outside-in town of Zipper Junction™.

It doesn’t matter if you are a young child or an elderly adult, there will be something for everyone to learn through the many opportunities and experiences we present here, like hands-on workshops, discussions, watching demonstrations, or physically participating in the action of creating or producing something here. 

Fitness-and-SportsIn order for Zipper Junction to be prosperous, we need our citizens to take care of their health and make their wellness a priority so they can do their part in their community.

Fitness and sports will be a part of Zipper Junction™ for a few reasons:

  • If you want to be happy, you’ve got to have your health. We have an epidemic in this country where people are physically inactive, they are eating processed foods that lack any nutrition whatsoever, and therefore cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and so many more ailments are all on the rise. 
  • Sports of any kind offer people an incredible opportunity to learn new skills in team work, leadership, commitment, and the power of practice. When these skills are applied to other aspects of their lives, the opportunities for achievement are endless!
  • Sporting events are a great opportunity for people to gather and support the members of their community. By being host to sporting events, we’re creating a place for people to come and cheer on the teams they love, and for our athletes to receive the support of our community. 
  • Athletics offers an opportunity for many different people to plug in somewhere – from coaches and trainers to medical staff to landscaping and turf management, all the way through developers tracing the movement of the athletic body for use in programming or even prosthetic production. 

Theater-ArtsNext up, we’ve got the Theater and Arts component. There is something magical that happens when people are offered the opportunity to express themselves through their art – be it music, fine arts,  theater, dance, and so on. This aspect has always been one of the first to go in budget cuts at schools in our nation, which really limits the possibilities for a lot of people. 

We want to remove the limit to the possibilities – so the arts are a huge focal point at Zipper Junction™.

Also, like fitness and sports, the arts offer lots of opportunities for people to plugin in different ways behind the scenes or center stage as well as many opportunities for people to attend events, or see and hear things that were produced right here at Zipper Junction™. 

tech shops fabrication construction maker hackerAs you can likely surmise from all of the above, there is lots of infrastructure here. The Shops at Zipper Junction™ are a-plenty and there will be work to do in all of them. From the physical walls and the municipal vehicles to the computer systems the many different departments use to do the work they need to do – be it for physical or digital fabrication – there is a lot of tinkering to be done!

The beauty of this facet of Zipper Junction™ is that we will be able to create, maintain and fix anything on site right within the very walls of our outside-in town. 

citizenry-cooperation-community-sharingNext, we’ve got the Citizenry and Cooperation gear.

There will be many people involved in Zipper Junction™, and so we’ve got to work together cohesively to make it all come together.

Our population is ever growing and there are many types of people and personalities – if we’re going to be able to create this AWESOME PLACE we’ve got to all be stand-up people, we’ve got to take pride in ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities enough to be mutually respectful and work cooperatively in this open-source environment. 

I really can’t stress this enough.

The outer orange ring, which moves along the outside of the cog, is a representation of the world outside of Zipper Junction™. We rely on the this part and it relies on us.

New citizens of our town will come from the outside world to learn, see and do, the outside world will purchase products produced within our walls, and citizens from our town will go out into the world to do their passionate part. 

zipper_juntion_logoFinally, the central gear is the outside-in town that is Zipper Junction™ – like the roads, the sidewalks, common areas, shared services for food, transport, access, and so on.

It’s what you get when all of these different aspects come together – it drives each of the other parts, and each of the other parts drives it. 

So there you have it. What do you make of all this?