This is really simple, a list of the top ten most compelling reasons to build (and operate) ZIPPER JUNCTION™. Let’s see your feedback on the list in the comments! Have at it!!!

10 Reasons for Zipper Junction1 – Bring honor back to “the trades” a.k.a. blue collar work and workers.

Over the past several decades “the trades” have gotten a bum rap. Looked down upon are the plumbers and auto mechanics, sanitation workers and road crews. But our society has it all wrong because these tasks are not only necessary for society to function; they can be tremendously fulfilling careers that pay very well too, especially when combined with entrepreneurship. It is time for these careers to take their proper place in our society and be given the same resources and opportunities as those more “professional” ones.

2 – Create a hub of innovation in Northeast Pennsylvania

Through close integration with more traditional educational opportunities and experiences (think surrounding school districts), the programs and activities of The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ will have a positive and profound impact on the development of new and innovative technologies. Through the process of cross pollination, all activities and areas of focus will have access to, and share with, so many others in an open, and free, way. The possibilities are literally endless.

3 – Building a more tight-knit & productive community

There are many entities that make up the citizenry as we see it. From the individual citizen to their extended family, from the small store or business owner to the larger corporation, from local municipalities and governmental offices to the many non-profit and religious organizations – they all make up the citizenry and the local community. There has to be cooperation, integration, and fluid interaction between ALL of these stake holders for good things to happen and bad ones to be eliminated. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ intends to take all of them into account and facilitate as much of that positive interaction as possible.

4 – Because theater, art and music are important to the development of our youth

Cultural activities are what make for a vibrant, interesting, and inviting community. When integrated, supported, and showcased, the benefits are countless in terms of economics, entertainment, enjoyment, and so much more. Aside from all the positives, these activities also strengthen educational and career focus as well. Working creatively with others, learning from rehearsal and practice, and seeing come to life something bigger than oneself is truly fulfilling. The arts are critical and The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ will support them, encourage them, and make them sustainable and contributory as well.

5 – A healthier body translates to a healthier world

What else is really important if we do not have our health? Nothing, that’s what! Health, fitness, and sports – all very important for us individually and as a community. Besides the obvious positives on our wellbeing, these activities are a great way to bond with others, form lasting relationships, learn about practice vs. outcome, and certainly build character. Then there is the positive economic and self-sustainability factor The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ has incorporated into our overall business plan!

6 – A happier and more passionate community

This is what it is all about. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ has an essential purpose that resides in this concept. People are not happy. People are not doing what they are passionate about. People feel they cannot earn a living and be self-reliant AND follow their passion. WRONG! The Project is tasked with this very problem and intends to help rectify it. Experiences and opportunities will literally be showered on anyone that comes through ZIPPER JUNCTION™ with the hopes something will be triggered for them to get passionate about. THEN, and very importantly, the tools will be supplied for these folks to leverage their new found passion into self-sustainability for the long haul. Good things will happen when more folks are happier than not.

7 – Because this will fuel the local economy in ways our current structure does not

Organically, things will grow and prosper as a direct result of a place such as ZIPPER JUNCTION™ being built and operated. It is not magic, it is not a mystery. When a destination is created that is also an enclave of innovation, sports activities, arts, theatre, etc. things happen! The old cart and horse thing is the problem and old school approaches are not working. However, uncontrolled, haphazard development is never good either. Imagine if you will municipalities having the ability, wherewithal, and financial resources to carefully guide development so as not to be detrimental to local populations, future development, and the environment. What a great outcome (which is totally our goal BTW!).

8 – More resources for fire, police, and ambulance services

What can at first be viewed as something that will stretch and strain current agencies, The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ intends to do just the opposite. Much like larger private communities that have their own police or fire companies, ZIPPER JUNCTION will also. And in addition to just having their own, we intend to be a resource for the surrounding communities as well, augment them, support them, and aide in their recruitment, training, and sustainability. These are the types of things they individually have trouble with and something we intend to fold into our business plan of trades, careers, citizenry and self-sustainability. The idea is to give more than we take and these agencies need it badly.

9 – It will decrease crime, illegal activities, drugs, and negative environments

A result of the previous point, more services will help drive down crime, illegal activities, and help crush negative environments where these types of things take root and grow. As an aware community, linked together for our own good, we will have greater watch over our own citizenry as well as all those we invite to our area to share with. There will be those that feel inviting so many to an area will be detrimental, which unchecked may be true. But as with anything else, planning, implementation, cooperation, and guidance will make for a positive environment where these bad things simply will not be tolerated.

10 – Introducing large scale self-sustainability, renewable resources, and reuse/recycling

Not a traditional non-profit, The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is based on proven business principles that rely on a minimum of self-sustainability. Profit for The Project is the lives we positively affect and the better future we will help create. Along the lines of self-sustainability for the entity was the obvious use of renewable resources to power the operation, reuse and recycling heavily used within all activities and the general focus on making things better, last longer, and replenish from where we take. The motivations can be argued, but the fact this is simply the right thing to do cannot.

BONUS – Our future literally depends on it

Very boldly stated, The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is of a design that can positively affect our future. What we are doing clearly is not working, on so many levels. This place, these activities, and the results that will follow are designed in such a way that we can expand this place to other locations around the country where maximum positive benefit will be had. This first location is focused on 55 million people as potential guests! Our future is too important to not act boldly in new and promising ways. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is one of those ways!