The other day I was reviewing social media posts and catching up on some friend’s pages and sites I follow. A good friend posted the following meme and it caught my eye. I would like to give credit to its creator, but there was none listed anywhere. Regardless of who wrote the piece, it certainly stated something I have been experiencing a lot lately in regard to The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™.


To move this effort forward is nothing less than a monumental undertaking. Even now, with much of the feasibility study done, our feedback loop completed, and movement into the phased steps we will need to accomplish to ultimately build and operate ZIPPER JUNCTION™, there has been one common, and annoying, thread that runs through it all. The seemingly never ending meetings, committees, groups, and talks, by what seem to be countless people, all with the best intentions, but without results to match the sheer volume of stuff taking place.

Let me put it this way, the meme talks about a Japanese approach to Management vs. an American approach. I am not going to get too into the cultural differences. But what I am impressed with is that there is way too much talk, meetings, consulting, etc. and not nearly enough actual work getting done – and this is in regards to just about everything! We need less talk and more action.

So enjoy the meme, think about it a bit, and know that as The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ embarks on our nuts and bolts work, there will NOT be endless meetings to clog up the progress. Roll up your sleeves and get to work with us, all are welcome!

Of course your thoughts are welcome on this or any topic! Feel free to share in your network.