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How To Do The Impossible (And Why You Should Care)

Determining the world was not flat, building The Great Wall of China, landing on the moon, or 3D printing human body parts; you know what they all have in common? They were all “impossible” at one time – or so people thought.  I could go on and on about all the things that were “impossible”…

zipper junction

What is ZIPPER JUNCTION? (and why you should care)

ZIPPER JUNCTION™ will be a special kind of place, a place we affectionately call an outside-in town.   The many spaces within the walls of this enormous place, woodworking shops, theaters, pools, robotics labs, commercial kitchens, sound stages, lodging rooms, meeting places, ice rinks, and on and on, all came together to form a small…

Why Zippers Are The Answer Zipper Junction Passion

Why ZIPPERS are THE Answer (and why you should care)

Have you ever really thought about zippers, I mean really thought about them beyond their seemingly simplistic intended purpose?  Well I have.  You see, I not only have zippers as a dominant force in my life (I run a zipper factory BTW), I have also come to the realization that those little mechanical wonders can…